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I view wellness as being on a continuum, from illness and disease at one end, to optimal health and well-being at the other. I can support you to cultivate your wellness wherever you are on this continuum: injury prevention and optimisation of function when you are well, management of a chronic issue such as chronic pain or depression, or rehabilitation from an acute injury or crisis.


I use my skills and expertise in psychotherapy, physiotherapy, Feldenkrais, Pilates and Gyrotonic, as well as give you lifestyle advice around sleep, nutrition and your light environment to help you in your wellness journey. I meet you exactly where you are: I observe your posture, your movements, your breathing, your emotions, your behaviours, your lifestyle, and invite you to do the same to develop mindful awareness of your whole self. As you develop your ability to recognise patterns in your posture, movement, breathing, emotion, behaviour, and lifestyle, you become better able to change these patterns, enabling you to function more optimally in the world.

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Individual sessions

Depending on your interests and preferences, my individual sessions will focus more on talking as the main medium (psychotherapy, counselling, health and lifestyle advice) or more on touch and movement, where I’ll be using Feldenkrais Functional Integration (FI) and Awareness Through Movement (ATM) to retrain the neuromuscular system, specific Physiotherapy techniques addressing restrictions in the fascial system, Pilates and Gyrotonic. Or I’ll even combine talking with touch and movement.  Sessions last around 45 to 50 minutes and take place online or in person.

To book a session please contact me either directly or send me a message.

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Group sessions

My group sessions combine elements of Pilates Matwork with Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement (ATM). They are aimed at people who want to improve their performance and prevent future postural issues, those managing existing problems such as osteoarthritis, and those recovering from acute injuries or recent surgical interventions. 

To book a session please contact me either directly or send me a message.

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